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Outstanding copyright registration service for businesses wishing to safeguard their content completely. Our three-step application process enables you to immediately secure copyright for your work.

Why Should You Register for Copyright?

Your intellectual property ought to be yours alone. Copyright protection may aid you in preventing unauthorized use or exploitation of your work. It is possible to get a certificate of copyright registration for a book, music, image, graphic design, or other literary or creative production by using a copyright certificate.

In addition to actual losses and profits, which may be difficult to demonstrate, copyright registration allows you to sue infringers for statutory damages and attorney's fees.

Apply My Trademark has professionals available to assist you with registering copyrights with the United States Copyright Office.

How Do You Register
for Copyright?

To protect the valuable assets of your company, you must take legal action. It makes no difference if you wish to protect your company's name or logo with Apply My Trademark. Complete and submit a trademark registration application. A USPTO registration grants you the right to sue for trademark infringement against anyone.

How Do We Work?

Our Team professionals have made it easy for our customers to create a smooth and trouble-free user experience. Our three-step registration method for copyright is quick and simple!

Step 1:

Enter your details and choose desired package

Step 2:

Pay for the desired services.

Step 3:

Obtain Registration for Copyright.


Packages with the Lowest Prices in the Industry and All Necessary Features



+ USPTO filing fee
  • Professional PreparationProfessional preparation of your federal copyright application, including a review of accuracy, completeness, and common errors by the copyright team.
  • center Federal E-Filing Ecentre Federal Electronic Filing You can file your application with the USPTO electronically, eliminating the need to wait for mail or deal with paper files.
  • center Certificate of Registration tThe Certificate of Registration will be mailed to you directly from the United States Copyright Office.



+ USPTO filing fee
  • Includes the everything from the Basic Package PLUS:
  • Cease & Desist Letter Letter of Cease and Desist If someone violates your copyright, you can use a customer-specific form that you can further modify. Avoid squandering time and money.
  • Transfer/Assignment Transfer/Assignment Template for customised assignments. If you need to sell or otherwise transfer your copyright, you can use the pre-filled template, which you can further alter.
  • 24-hour Expedited ProcessingExpedited processing of your copyright application within 24 hours. In our Basic package, normal processing time is 5 working days.